We are thrilled to welcome Kira Wagner as our new Musical Director! Her passion for music and extensive experience will undoubtedly elevate our ensemble to new heights.

Kira boasts a remarkable career spanning over four decades, nurturing young voices and leading choirs to excellence. Since 1978, she has graced classrooms in both public and private schools across Napa Valley, Antelope Valley, and most recently, Santa Clarita at CalKids Learning Academy. Her expertise encompasses Music Theory, Voice, and guiding choirs, fostering a well-rounded musical education for her students.

Beyond the classroom, Kira’s own musical journey is nothing short of impressive. She has lent her beautiful voice to numerous SAI choruses, gracing stages in both California and Texas with groups like the Mission Valley chorus and the Richtones. But her talents extend far beyond singing. For the past 16 years, Kira has taken the helm as director for barbershop choruses, including esteemed groups like the San Francisco and Antelope Valley choruses, both affiliated with SAI, as well as the Napa Men’s Chorus. Her dedication to the barbershop style is undeniable.

We are already buzzing with excitement about the future! Kira’s vision and leadership, coupled with her infectious enthusiasm, promise a vibrant new chapter for our organization. With captivating shows and a fresh repertoire on the horizon, we eagerly embark on this harmonious journey together, led by the incomparable Kira Wagner.