Straight From Our Fans

Singing Valentine Saves The Day

Living the Dream… Charlie

“A Valentine’s Day gift for my most loving wife Belinda. It is also our wedding anniversary. The best Barbershop Quartet available and they were spectacular. They even gave her a card and a rose. Belinda was very surprised.”

A Valentine’s Day Serenade

“I surprised my significant other with a Valentine’s Day serenade by a barbershop quartet consisting of members of the SCV Men of Harmony. …they delighted us with acapella renditions of appropriate songs. The performance was, to say the least, very entertaining… I heartily recommend giving the gift of a Valentine’s Day Serenade; it will please both you and your partner with a unique experience you’ll always remember…

Special Gift For A Special Someone

“The SCV Men of Harmony helped me surprise my wife on Valentine’s Day and were nothing short of amazing…. they showed up on time and were a joy to listen to. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a unique surprise of gift for the special someone.”

Barbershop for a Barbershop


…”your quartet was noting less than magical! My mother’s place of work (a barbershop!) was full of three songs sung beautifully. They show much patience and put on a wonderful show. We cannot thank these Men of Harmony enough and I recommend them to anyone and everyone!”

New, Exciting, And Worth Repeating

…”My wife loved it. I wanted to try something new and exciting. She told all of her friends how much it meant to her and how she will never forget the experience. Thanks again Men of Harmony.”

Top This If You Can

My husband made my Valentine's day so special with the Men of Harmony. It's going to be hard for him to top this one!.

Worth Repeating

The men of harmony were fantastic! I will recommend them for next year. (Valentine's Day)