"Cast party" after a show or performance.

All parts singing together - slang that may be used when we're working on individual parts and the director calls for an All Skate

When an emphasis or rhythmic stress is sung on the half beat. i.e.1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

Said to wish someone “Good Luck” in a performance originating from the Shakespearean period where the applause "caused" a cast member to go down on one knew "break' a leg and accept the applause

A vocal exercise using the lips to relax the lips, jaw, and throat, to open resonators, and to produce a resonant sound.

Relating to breath types where two phrases or words are connected by lifting the sound as it rides on a column of air – there is no breath to be taken at this spot.

Holding a chord longer than necessary just to enjoy it


A planned breath taken by all chorus members